Omen of Sorrow

Omen of Sorrow is a horror-themed 2D fighter from AOne Games.

Omen of Sorrow is the first fighting game developed in Latin America for traditional consoles. It features 2D gameplay with 3D models and stages, and while it looks dark and gritty like other games in the genre like Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct, it actually plays much closer to games like King of Fighters and Street Fighter, because of its combo/meter system and the "Fortune" gauge: a sort of tug-o-war system that balances aggressive play vs. defensive play, giving players access to perks and weaknesses depending on their battle choices.

The game is being developed by AOne Games, a small studio based in Santiago, Chile, with support from both Sony and Epic Games, who chose AOne Games as recepients of their DevGrant in 2017.