Dungeon Rustlers

Dungeon Rustlers is a rouge-like SHMUP developed by indie studio, Zimventutres.

Dungeon Rustlers is a rogue-like shoot-em-up game created by indie studio, Zimventures.


In Dungeon Rustlers, the player maneuvers one of three playable classes through a series of levels, trying to reach the end. Besides completing a dungeon run, the two main goals of the game are:

  • Complete each level as quick as possible
  • Obtain as many points as possible

Dungeon Rustlers has global leader boards to track each of the aforementioned goals.

Game play

Player Classes

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There are three playable classes in Dungeon Rustlers:

  • The Knight
  • The Mage (in development)
  • The Archer (in development)

Each class has unique attacks, special abilities, and survivability traits.


In Dungeon Rustlers, there are seven different enemy types, each with unique ways of tracking down, and attacking the player.


The slime is a wandering pile of goo. It doesn't do anything to track the player down and simply wanders around the level.


Skeletons actively seek out their target by constantly progressing in the direction of the player.


The imp will seek out the player as long as the player is facing away from them. Once inside a certain radius, if the player looks at the imp, it will turn translucent and run away.

Fire Elemental

Much like the imp, the fire elemental hunts down the player until it is being looked at. At that point, it shoots fire balls at the player and attempts to run away.

Water Elemental

Water elemental enemies wander around the level. If the player wanders into their line of sight, they will fire a water bubble at the player. The water bubble does no damage, but it does reduce the players movement speed. Getting hit by a water elemental, however, will cause damage.

Death Knight

The death knight (DK) wanders around the level until the player stumbles inside of its attack radius. At that time, the DK will charge at the player at an increased rate of speed. The player can not do damage to the front of the DK. A DK can only be hit from the sides or rear.


The final boss of level 25, the Lich fires a projectile at the player and has significantly more hit points

then previous enemies. When the player is hit by the Lich, they'll be surprised to learn that their controls are reversed.