Super Tony Land

A platformer which combines the level editing and sharing of Super Mario Maker, the Storytelling of Cave Story, and the physics nonsense of Besiege.


Super Tony Land is a platformer with physics, developed by Robot Loves Kitty.

Super Tony Land has three different distinct modes: The Story, The Level Editor, and The Multiverse.

The art style is minimalistic 8 bit pixel graphics with 3D dynamic lighting.


The game thematically explores the consequences of selling princesses for power and money, which is the theme of the first game.

There are almost no princesses left, and Tony follows the advice of a mysterious and strange character that appears to try to save himself and his entire world.


In Super Tony Land, there are 3 main activities.

In classic platformer fashion, the player can run, jump, and crouch. There are power ups to collect, blocks with various effects to bump into, traps to trigger, and monsters to avoid, crush, and trick.

Each mode is accessible from the playable Menu World. Walking past the door to Story mode brings you to the Multiverse ship, and in the opposite direction you can go into the Level Editor door.

Story Mode

This contains the entire game story made by the developers. Players explore multiple themed worlds, fight bosses, and interact with a variety of colorful characters.

Building Mode

This mode is an in game Level editor that lets players create and share their own entire game worlds consisting of multiple connected levels, as well as small challenge areas.

The level editor uses special blocks called "Tronics" to add actual pieces of programming to the game that players can place and wire together.


All the user submitted creations are in the multiverse. Players can browse, download, play, and rate these levels from inside the game. The level sharing is done using Steam Workshop.